Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Introduction of Sorts

Welcome to Cheaterville. I hope that you had a pleasant trip, because your stay isn't going to be very fun at all.

The population of this little community is only four, but it will soon grow. Because you see dear friend, no one stays loyal very long here. And no secret is kept for very long either. And it will not be very unusual for you to look back into your past and realize that the man you thought was your father was really your uncle.

Alessi and Douglas are currently an item, and are very very happy together. But, as you are most like assuming, it isn't going to stay that way for very long

And then there is Nick and Lorelai. These two have always had problems, but at least they truly loved each other. And that's all that matters.... right?

 Love and happiness are loose terms here. After all, you can't possibly have both.

And sometimes difficult choices must be made.

And before the story even starts, everyone has already chosen.
They all chose to cheat.
But no one chose to get caught.
It happened anyways.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Episode Twelve- A New Kind of Tragedy

On the last episode of Cheaterville, Rayen and Gray confessed their feelings about their mother's love lives, Alessi learned that her son was right and Darshan's family are mobsters, and Rayen revealed the truth about her and Gray to Jack.

Despite the fact that Rayen completely despised her mother, Lorelai got along well with her other two children. She was always willing to play pretend with Cassie, or even make her stuffed animals come to life. Cassie adored her mother, as she believed that she was perfect and could do no wrong.

Damien definetly loved his mom more, though. He was a complete mama's boy, always worrying what his mom would think about his choices in life, or what she would say when he did something wrong. His entire world revolved around her.

Rayen's whole world, however, revolved around Gray. And ever since she walked in on her mother and Rocco in bed, Rayen had been desperate to do something rebellious. And the oppurtunity came when Gray told her that he found where the criminals lived.
Now, she wasn't going to drag Gray along with her, but as soon as he found out where she was going, he desperately wanted to tag along for her safety, and also to figure out of his mom was safe of not.
"I'm not so sure about this," stuttered Gray as they neared the Ginnae residence. "If I am right and they ARE criminals, well, I'm sure they would be happy to see us here."
"But that's just the thing!" cried Rayen. "Don't you want to know if they are criminals? I mean, what about your mom?"

"Yes," admitted Gray. "I would like to know. But breaking into their house isn't the answer. It would make US the criminals!"
Rayen shrugged as she climbed the porch steps. "We aren't breaking in. We are just going to spy for a little while!"
"But what if we get caught!" snapped Gray. "What will they do to us?!"
"But what if we don't?" Rayen pointed out. "We could save your mom's life."

"But it's too..." Gray started, until Rayen shushed him. They both pressed their ears against the wall and glared through the window, to witness a shocking and scary conversation.
"You're thinking about hurting her?!" came a deep voice.
"I didn't say that..." came the response.
"But you definetly hinted it!"
"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't!"
"Alessi is the best one I've had!"
Rayen and Gray's eyes grew wide, and Rayen grabbed her boyfriends's arm and hoarsely whispered, "Alessi!"

Without thinking, Rayen raced towards the front door and flung it open, a little surprised that criminals would leave their door unlocked, and then marched in.
"Hey!" screamed Gray hysterically. "Hey... what are you doing?!"
"I'll be back, babe!" Rayen yelled over her shoulder before turning to face the thugs. Darshan was standing a few feet away, looking completely stunned, and an elderly man stood a few feet behind him, but his face was blocked by Darshan's elbow.
Rayen hurried foward towards them, feeling completely fearless, and yelled, "So you want to hurt Alessi, do you?!"
"What's it to you?" asked the elderly man as Darshan gaped.
"I live with her!" screamed Rayen. "And we don't get along that great, but she helped raise me, and..."
Suddenly the elderly man shoved Darshan out of his way, and Rayen got a clear view of his face. Her jaw dropped and she squeaked in horror.

She knew him. Everyone knew him. It was Boss Ginnae, a former mob boss. And Rayen just broke into his house and yelled at him.
Gray leapt up and grabbed his girlfriend, and huddled next to her as Boss snarled, "Now listen up you two! I didn't work so hard through life to have two obnoxious little brats come into my house and accuse me of things. So I suggest that you two leave before I do something that I will regret."
Gray nodded and started to drag out the frozen Rayen, crying, "Yes Sir Mr. Boss Ginnae Sir... We will ummm get out and we will ummm never come back!"
"You better not!" Boss growled.
"Dad!" snapped Darshan as the two ran out the door. "Don't threaten children!"
Boss glowered at him. "Don't you dare tell me what to do!"

Rayen and Gray ran two blocks before they finally stopped, their knees trembling from fright. Gray finally turned to Rayen and demanded, "Are you completely MENTAL?!"
Rayen almost started to cry. "I... I... didn't know it was Boss Ginnae!"
Gray scowled. "You heard two men threatening a woman's life and you assume that they aren't dangerous?!"
Rayen paled and whimpered. "It's not just a woman... it's your mom... and I got so upset... and I guess that my mom has me thinking that I can just do whatever... oh, I am so sorry!"
Gray grabbed Rayen's hand and whispered, "It's okay sweetie. Let's get home. It's Jack and Damien's birthday."

By the time that they got home, Damien was about to blow out his candles, and everyone besides Alessi was around him.
Damien giggled and thought about his wish for a second, before exclaiming, "I wish to be a man muncher!"
Lorelai gasped. "Where... where did you hear that?!"
Damien shrugged. "TV."
Jack giggled. "Dude, I think that you meant Lady Killer!"
Damien cracked up. "Yeah... yeah that's what I meant!"
Lorelai rolled her eyes, "Well... that's a little bit better!"

Damien started to laugh again and declared, "I wish to be a real Lady Killer!"

As he blew out the candles, Jack and Cassie started to scream and cheer.

Rayen joined in on the celebration as well, but Gray was too upset. He couldn't get a hold of his mom, and he was really worried.

Damien turned out rather handsome. He looks a lot like Nick, though.

Jack was up next, but was a little upset.
"Lorelai, where is my mom?" he asked quietly.
Lorelai thought about it a second, unsure excalty what to say, because she didn't know where Alessi was. Gray quickly cut in, "The party was kind of last minute. I bet that she is out right now buying you a present."
"Oh," said Jack, still a little unsure, before cracking a smile. "Okay!"

Jack loomed over the cake wide-eyed. "It looks so delicious!" he cried.
"Come on, dude!" Damien cried. "Age up already! It'll be weird if I was teenager who's best friend was some little kid!"
"Who are calling a little kid!" laughed Jack. "We'll see whose the little one once I age up!"

Jack turned out quite lovely. Alessi and Douglas made a good looking kid. It's too bad that they couldn't have any more, but this is Cheaterville.

After the party, Rayen tried to leave so she could spend some time with Gray, but Lorelai grabbed her arm and said, "I need to talk to you."
Rayen scowled, "And why would I want to talk to you?!" she spit out.
Lorelai sighed. "Jack already knows what I'm going to say.."
Rayen's eyes grew wide. Jack already knows?! she thought. Does Mom know about me and Gray?!
"Cassie knows as well.." Lorelai said cautiously.
Jack told Cassie?! Rayen screamed in her head. He promised not tell anyone! He's a lying little...
"I'm pregnant!" Lorelai announced.

"You're WHAT?!" Rayen screamed.
"Come on Rayie," Lorelai whined. "Don't look so horrifed."
"This is you're third baby with a different father!" Rayen snapped. "Why WOULDN'T I be horrified?!"

"Rayen," Lorelai whined. "Please don't be mad at me!"
Rayen just turned at walked away without a word.

Meanwhile, in the nursery, Jack went up to Gray and asked for help.
"Sure!" said Gray. "It can't be a girl already!"
"Ummm" said Jack unsurely. "It isn't a girl exactly... and since you are with Rayen I was wondering..."
Gray's eyes grew wide. "Wait... WHAT?!"

Jack slunk back, horrified. "Rayen.... you don't know that Rayen told me?"
Gray narrowed his eyes. "Nope."
"Uhhhh" stuttered Jack, "I... I... I need to go!" With that he hurried out the door.

Rayen came in just then, a large pout on her face as she fumed, "You will never guess what just happened!"
"You told Jack," snarled Gray.
Rayen's face fell. "Oh, Gray..."

"We agreed not to tell anyone!" Gray snapped. "And what do you? You tell someone!"
"I'm so sorry!" Rayen wept. "I didn't mean..."
"Of course you meant it!" cried Gray. "Did you really not trust me or.."

"Would you just let me talk!" wailed Rayen. "It was killing me, sneaking around.... and I just couldn't take it anymore! So... I just had to tell someone... and I knew that Jack wouldn't say anything to anybody..."
Gray didn't say anything.
Rayen suddenly burst into tears. "So if you don't want anybody to know we are together... fine! We aren't together anymore!" And with that, she ran out of the room, and then out of the house, crying.
Gray stood there, completely stunned. He could not believe what had just happened, and he didn't know how quite to feel.

While this was going on, Alessi was with Darshan, snuggling in his living room.
"Hey guys," joked Meme. "I'm busy here! Do you mind getting a room?!"
Darshan cuddled up to Alessi and said sweetly, "Do you want to get a room?"
Alessi purred, "Oh of course, Darling."

Darshan grinned and picked the giggling Alessi up, "Allow me to be your escort, my lovely lady."
Alessi hugged his neck and whispered in his ear, "Let's get it started, Sir."

Darshan carried Alessi up to his parent's bed, and they began to cuddle.
"Are you sure this is okay?" Alessi asked unsurely.
Darshan nodded. "Of course. My mom hardly ever sleeps in here, and my dad is away for a little while taking care of..... something."
Alessi grinned. "So it's our bed for now, huh?"

Darshan and Alessi stared at each other afterwards, both completely and utterly in love.

At 4:45 am, Gray was worried about Rayen. She hadn't come home. He was also extremely regretful about their fight, and knew that she was probably feeling the same. He didn't want to break up with her. He loved her. So, he quickly dug out his phone and called her cell, praying that she brought it with her when she took off.
After it rang three time, a groggy voice answered, "Hello? Gray?"
Gray gasped and cried, "Oh Rayen! Thank God!"
"Gray?" she whimpered. "What's going on?!"
"I love you," Gray wept. "And please, please come back to me! I am so incredibly sorry!"
There was a long pause before Rayen said, "Come meet me."
Gray sighed in relief and exclaimed, "In our special spot?"
Rayen laughed. "I'm already here!"

Gray took off running as fast as he could to the abandoned mine as the sun came up over the horizon.

However, when he was nearly almost there, he spotted a small red blob in a bottom of a small revine. Gray crept closer, suddenly curious. When he got close enough to realize what he was looking at, his eyes popped out of his head.

He grabbed his hair and screamed in horror.
"No! Noooo!" he wailed. "Oh, God, no!"


What happened to Rayen?
Who did it?
Is she even still alive?

All will be revealed in the next season of.... CHEATERVILLE!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Episode Eleven- Being Eaten Alive

On the last episode of Cheaterville, Alessi and Darshan grew close, Rayen and Gray worried about keeping their secret, and Rayen walked in on Lorelai having woohoo with Rocco.

The youngest couple in the Cheaterville house were under more stress than ever. Not only was their relationship a secret, but they were both struggling with their mothers, and it was slowly eating them both up inside.

One morning, while cuddling on the couch, Rayen suddenly pulled away. The stress was just too much for her. She hadn't spoken of what she walked in on her mother doing since it happened. She even tried to block it out, but it was impossible to unsee your parent doing what Lorelai had been doing.
"I'm sorry, Gray!" cried Rayen as she pulled away. "I... I just...."
Gray leaned foward, his big dark eyes huge with concern. "Is everything alright, babe?"
"The stress!" Rayen wailed. "I hate keeping the relationship inside! And everything else as well! I just can't! It's killing me!"
Gray grabbed Rayen's hand and squeezed it. "What else are you keeping inside?"
A big tear slid down Rayen's cheek as she quietly explained what she saw inside going on inside her mother's bedroom. Gray rubbed her shoulder and nodded, trying not to grimace.

Gray sighed when she was finished and said, "I did notice that you have been avoiding your mom lately.."
"I can't even look at her anymore!" Rayen covered her face with her hands. "She tries to talk to me sometimes but.... but I just can't!" She paused a moment, and hung her head  before continuing. "Not to mention that I always feel like I'm lying to her! Everyone thinks that we still hate each other!"
Gray nodded. "Yeah, I feel the same way. Things having been good between me and my mom, either."
"Her new boyfriend again?" Rayen asked.
Gray sighed. "It's just... well... I saw him in the papers a while back. He went to jail because he assisted in a carjacking and a lady ended up hurt."
"Yes," said Rayen. "When I first saw him I remembered that."
Gray leaned back and put his arm around Rayen's shoulders. Rayen leaned into him, adoring her boyfriend's touch.
"You know," muttered Gray. "How ironic it is. You refuse to listen to your mom, and I just want my mom to listen to me."
Rayen cracked a tiny smile. "I think it's a little sad, actually."

Cassie started crying just then, and Rayen leapt up to tend to her. When she got in the nursery, however, Lorelai was there waiting for her.
Suddenly panicked, Rayen gasped. "How long have you been down here?!"
Lorelai shrugged indifferently. "Not long. I just need to talk to you alone, and since you have been waking up earlier..."
"Leave me alone!" Rayen suddenly snapped. "I need to take care of your daughter!"

"You're my daughter, too." begged Lorelai. "I know what has happened has been traumatic for you, but..."
"Oh no," Rayen sneered sarcasticly. "Seeing my mother woohoo with a random guy is a fun family activity! Maybe you should do it while Damien is home, next!"
"Rocco's not a random guy, though!" Lorelai wailed. "I love him, and..."
"You love him!" Rayen snapped. "Did you love my dad? You had two kids with him!"
Lorelai's cheeks turned red. "Well..."
"Or what about Damien's father?!" Rayen interupted. "The guy you were married to! But that didn't last long, did it?"

Lorelai wasn't really hurt by everything her daughter was saying. She was mostly just confused. "Rayen, sweetie, where is this coming from?"
"From you!" Rayen snarled. "You ruin your own life, and the lives of your children! You don't care how any of us feel about anything! It's all about your daily amount of woohoo!"
"Stop it!" Screeched Lorelai, suddenly furious. "Don't you dare talk to me that way, Rayen Lynsey!"
Rayen glowered at her, feeling more fury than ever. They both stood there a minute, scowling at each other, before Rayen just turned around and started to tend to her whimpering little sister.

Gray heard the fight from the living room, and jumped up to go see what was going on, and if Rayen was okay. However, on his way there, Alessi stopped him.
"You sure are up early," exclaimed Alessi brightly.
Gray nervously shrugged. "Not a big deal. Just, um, couldn't sleep..."
Alessi sighed. "Listen, Gray, I'm off to go meet Darshan, and his family.."
"His family?!" Gray spit out. "Are you insane?!"
Alessi rolled her eyes. "I'm getting kind of sick of this, Gray."

"He's part of some kind of gang-like family!" Gray begged. "Please, please don't go to his house!"
Alessi scowled. "I know Darshan, and I can tell that he is a good guy! So, maybe he doesn't come from the greatest people, that I can deal with. But, please, don't just accuse anyone of being a criminal!"
"But Mom..."
"I'm leaving Gray!" Alessi yelled as she started to walk towards the door. "And don't worry... I will come back!"

Alessi didn't go to their house right away. She did some shopping first, and after packing it all safely into the truck of her car, made her way to Darshan's house.
Alessi was very impressed with it. It was a cutesy little house, the yard completely covered in flowers, and the welcome mat sporting a cute little rhyme.

Darshan came out to welcome Alessi to his house. They hugged and then kissed for a while before Darshan actually invited his girlfriend in.
"This is a great house!" cried Alessi, admiring the porch while she walked inside.
Darshan grinned."Thanks Les... but I'm just warning you, my family is a bit strange..."
Alessi laughed. "So is mine, don't worry about it!"

As soon as Alessi got inside the house, though, she spotted an elderly man walking near her, holding a book. As soon as he saw her, the man's eyebrow's suddenly sloped down foward, and a large evil grin creeped across his face.
It sent shivers up Alessi's spine.

The man put the book down, and faster than Alessi could react, he grabbed her hand and started to shake it.
Darshan came over, smiling nervously. "Alessi," he stuttered. "This is my dad..."
"Call me Boss!" cried the man, the evil smile still there. "Everyone else does."
Alessi was now truly afraid. Boss Ginnae? She knew that name...

Darshan quickly snatched Alessi back and led her down a wide hallway, where they ran into a man who looked nearly identical to Darshan.
The man scowled once he saw Alessi, and quickly cried out, "Darshan, dude! Didn't I tell you to make this one hot?!"
Darshan started to literally drag Alessi down the hall, as Alessi literally felt her breath get caught in her throat.

Alessi was literally shaking when Darshan turned to lead her into a small room off of the hall. He paused only a moment to say, "No one is going to hurt you. I am not going to let them hurt you." It didn't make Alessi feel much better.
She wasn't sure what to expect in the room. Several men holding guns, perhaps? Or maybe a torture chamber? So Alessi was shocked when a kind looking elderly woman hurried over and cried out, "Hello darling!"
Darshan smiled at the shaky Alessi, and said "This is my mom, the only sane person in my entire family."
The woman suddenly looked upset, but she managed a smile and said, "You can call me Meme."
Alessi nodded, still feeling nervous She quickly turned to Darshan and loudly whispered, "Can I talk to you alone for a minute, please?"

Darshan nodded and led Alessi back into the living room. Boss wasn't there anymore, but his book remained. Alessi peered at the title of it: Guns, Guns, and More Guns!
Darshan frowned. "Are you, uhhh... okay?"
Alessi turned to him, her eyes huge with fear. "Please, Darshan." she begged. "Please tell me that it's just a coincidience that your dad's name is Boss Ginnae, and he isn't the former mob boss in Riverview? Please tell me that my son was wrong and you guys aren't criminal! Please!"
Darshan didn't say anything.

Alessi wasn't angry, just hurt. "So... you are a gang member?" she asked, her voice high with distress.
Darshan hung his head. "I used to be..."
"But what did your brother mean?!" snapped Alessi. "Make this one hot?!"
"I've... I've had a few relationships." Darshan admitted. "They never lasted. My family always scares them away."
Alessi sighed and muttered quietly. "I can understand that..."

Darshan sighed and stepped back. "I would understand completely if you left and never wanted to see me again."
Alessi stared blankly at him. "Why would I do that?"

Alessi came over to Darshan and put her arms around his waist. Darshan worriedly smiled and said, "But what about my family?"
Alessi grinned sheepishly at him. "I'm not dating your family, Darshan. I'm dating you."

Alessi left a little while later, and was shocked to see her son standing outside the house.

"Gray!" Alessi gasped, terrifed, and tore her way over to him. "What... what are you doing here?!"
Gray was surprised as well. "You certainly weren't in there long..."
Alessi scowled. "I said what are you doing here, Gray!"
Gray sighed. "I... I was worried about you, and..."
"Don't you dare ever come to this house ever again!" Alessi screeched. She knew that Boss Ginnae would not be to happy to find a teenager hanging around his home.
"I'm sorry!" cried Gray. "I just didn't want to lose you!"

Alessi suddenly pulled her son into a hug. Gray pulled back quickly and asked, "What was that for?"
"Your sweet, Gray." lied Alessi, deciding not to tell him that only a few moments ago she was scared for her life.
"I thought you were mad?" asked Gray, puzzled.
Alessi shook her head. "Just a little upset. And worried. Please don't ever come here again."
Gray sighed. "Okay..."

"Great!" cried Alessi, grabbing his arm. "Let's get home!"

They arrived at home just in time to celebrate Cassie's birthday.

Lorelai was sad to see her baby grow up. Rayen hated her, and Damien, though he completely adored his mom, was growing older as well and was now more interested in playing with Jack then with his mom. Lorelai hadn't suffered from any pregnancy symptoms since her romp with Rocco, and although being a parent stressed her out, she loved to have a baby in the house.

Despite the fact that everyone was sad to see Cassie growing up, they all cheered her on.

Cassie became just as cute as a child as she was as a toddler. She looks so much like her mother.

After the party, Rayen decided that it was killing her to keep the secret of her and Gray. Everyone was so happy. None of them were facing a burden like a secret love intrest. Not even Gray seemed to be suffering that much from it, while Rayen was being eaten alive from the inside out. She needed to tell somebody before she was nothing but a hollow shell.
She thought about who she could tell. Her mother, father, and Alessi were definetly out of the question. Gray already knew, and she didn't have any friends who she trusted very much. Cassie and Damien were too close with Lorelai to lie to her.
So that only left one person.

Rayen entered the kitchen and found that Jack was sitting alone, eating a piece of cake. Everyone else had gone off to do their own thing.
Before she could  change her mind, Rayen called Jack over. He obidiently got up and strolled over to meet his sister.
"Listen, Jack," said Rayen quietly. "I have something really important to tell you and you can't tell anyone."
Jack looked at her wide eyed. "What is it?!"
"It's really really important, and a really really big secret," Rayen warned.
Jack nodded. "Okay. I promise that I will not tell anyone."

"Well, you see..." Rayen started. "Me and Gray have been secretly dating for a while now. We are keeping it a secret because even though we aren't biologically related, we have the same brothers, and we also call the same man Dad. We were also raised as siblings, and it's a little gross if you think of it like that."

"Now, Jack." said Rayen. "You aren't going to tell anyone... right?"

Will Jack spill the secret?
Will Gray find out that Rayen told?
Will Alessi and Darshan do the deed?

All will be revealed on the next episode of.... CHEATERVILLE!!!!